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Monday, November 12, 2012

As you can see, I am learning, bit by bit. My friend, Terry McCann is helping me. I have other things to do but I think that it is worthwhile to invest a fair amount of time in learning these new means of communication,
    I have a request for prayers: A friend who is about 85 yrs. old who is going for surgery on Nov. 21, who will have a good (meaning, bad)  portion of her intestines removed. She is uneasy about that. Another friend's daughter, Darrilyn, is suffering from multiple types of cancer and is still very young. A very dear friend in Mthatha is in the hospital, comatose, cerebral meningitis. Another cousin, Kathy, is recuperating from a broken hip. Another cousin must be on oxygen 24/7 because her capillaries don't take in oxygen any more. It is as I said, everyone has a story, and there are many more. I keep all of you in my prayers every, yes, as in every, day. You are all my lifeline.
    Time is also winding down now; only three weeks left of school and then preparing for re-entry into my African home and family. Holy Moses, what happened to the time.
     As I said before, I probably won't answer your responses to this blog. It is just to keep you in the picture. But, if you want to make a contact, you can email me and I promise an answer (within a reasonable time.)  the email address is:  Love and peace, Cas

PS  I also owe big thanks to Sr. Anne Flannigan for getting me started (patiently) with the opening of this blog.

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