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Friday, January 11, 2013

I am finally back in South Africa, Mthatha, after leaving Atlanta on the 29th of Dec., arriving in Johannesburg on the 30th, leaving a lot of luggage with friends there and continuing on to Zambia where I spent New years and the rest of the week there visiting CMM in Makeni and Woodlands as well as friends especially in Kabwe, my old parish, and then, spending a weekend in Johannesburg on the way back with friends and a colleague at J&P, and, on the 8th of Jan. back to Mthatha.
     I jumped straight into the old job but have been frustrated in not being able to access news, for some reason. It is only today that I manged to find a way to get to my blog and put you all in the picture.
     The home leave and sabbatical was great and prepared me, I hope, for the challenges that are to come now. I discovered to my happy amazement that my Xhosa was still intact and I can converse without any problems. Nice to know.
     I met the bishop yesterday and greeted him as he went into his office. He knows CTU and the good reputation it has.
     I will be going to an outstation this Sunday to give Fr. Ngadi a hand as he has too many to be able to do by himself. The Bedford project with the flats for rent and the problems that come with maintaining a lot of flats has been re-inherited by me so I won't have time for playing around much, which is OK by me.
     But, I expected sunshine and summer weather but it has been coooold and rainy ever since I landed in Africa. Climate Change! I don't like it.
     I have to go for Mass now but will (now that I know how to do it) be in contact with you more at length later. I wish you all, once again, a very happy new year. Fr. Cas