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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Everyone,
      As you may have heard, Uncle Johnny was transferred to a more Catholic and better equipped facility called St. Anne's in Milwaukee last week. The idea was that when his own resources ran out, Medicaid would automatically kick in where he was then at. Otherwise, although the charges were a bit less at the previous place, he would have to remain there when his own funds ran out. (Medicare ran out long ago.)
    Thanks to Uncle Casey and David, his son, they managed to organize things so that all this could happen.
However, the latest news is that Johnny is in St. Joseph hospital now. The doctors says that he has a blood clot in his lung and there is blood in the urine. He also suffers from acute dementia. He seemed to hint that there wasn't much time left, although, when Casey and David visited him, he seemed to be as feisty as usual.
     I was thinking to cancel my class for Friday morning and take Aunt Rose up to see him, hoping that there is still time for that.
     Please pray for him and let others know so that they can add the power of their prayers to his and ours. Uncle Johnny is almost 92 yrs. old and there is not much quality of life for him right now. Perhaps we can pray, that if it is God's will, God can get a place ready for a guy who was probably one of most honest, hard-working guys we ever knew. He was always generous in helping others and was loved and respected by all those he worked for, so I am pretty sure that he'll get some pretty good accommodation up there.
     Many thanks.  Love and Peace, Cas

PS. Maybe there is a reason for me having this sabbatical in Chicago just at this time in the history of our family! What do you think?

PPS. For those of you not in the know, Uncle Johnny was one of the 7 brothers and 6 sisters that my mom had. Only three are still alive: Rose, who is 94 and still very active; Johnny, who is not so well off right now and is going on 92; and Casey (Casimir--whose name I took because I like him--he was closest to me in age of all my uncles) who is the youngest, 86 going on 87yrs. He is the one that has been tasked with taking care of Uncle Johnny's affairs.

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