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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey, everyone. I managed, with the help of Sister Anne, my Chicago Pauline Guru, to get back to my blog page.
     I also discovered something else that may apply to some of you. I have been using my gmail address because, when I first arrived here, I was unable, for some reason, to send email via the web mail, although I could receive mail. That is why I opened the gmail a/c
     Today, I thought I would just take a look at my webmail and discovered 176 messages that were never transferred to my gmail a/c although I was told that that message was sent to gmail. Well, it took me several hours to clean that mess up and get it under control.
    However, I will try, from time to time to update you on what is happening here in my dull life in Chicago.
    I apologize for the mistake on my part so if you sent something and didn't receive an answer, now you know why. Sorry about that. As always, Love and Peace, Cas

PS. I am still practising!

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