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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It’s tomorrow (July 12th). One last thing to be noted. We have had a security company here for some time, patrolling the property at night and during the day. However, after we had a break in one night where kitchen things were stolen (microwaves, toaster, hot water kettles, the TV set and even , far down the hall, my beloved weed eater (That is R6 000  by itself). The thieves hide in the bush and when the guards go by, they know they have an hour before he does his rounds again and then they strike.
    So we decided to have beams put in  so that anyone approaching the building would set off the alarm before he has a chance to do anything. Well, we thought that we were secure until one night, as I was sleeping, something bothered my eyes (about 2am) and I woke up and there was some kind of a light that was flickering in my office, which is next to my bedroom. I thought that I must have left the computer on by mistake and it was going through its paces, so I got out of bed (I sleep like Adam) and was going next door when I noticed that the door to my room, leading out into the passage, was about 2/3 open and I could see through the crack that there were two guys, about my height (fairly short) shining a torch (flashlight) into my room. Well I jumped into the doorway and screamed at them (I woke up the whole house) and must have scared the hell out of them, this white ghost screaming at them, so they ran down the hall and I saw them just disappearing down the stairs. By this time lots of people were up and we all went down the stairs to see where they got out / in. Ha. They had removed the burglar bars from our aluminum windows (only held by a pop rivet in the middle---easy to do) and climbed in. The windows must have been open because they weren’t damaged at all. But they never set off the alarm. Ha. So here we were thinking that we were so secure.
Bishop Khumalo got the company and told them to come and bring technicians to find out how they could have gotten to the windows without setting off the alarm. They discovered that there were spaces that were not covered, and that was one of them, and the solution was to install two more beam poles to cover the whole area. Only R9000. Ha again. Why didn’t they find that out when they installed the system in the first place. They should pay us instead of us paying them making us think that we were now secure the first time.
    As a result, though, I found myself being a bit nervous the first night after the break in and the visitors shining their torches into my room, so, for the first time, I locked my door. I did that for a few nights but now I am back to just closing the door. I think that there must be some psychological left over from the detention that I don’t like to be locked in anywhere without being able to get out if I have to. Paranoia?

    Anyway, that concludes this blog. I am off now to do some work in the garden . It is cold and just right for working outside. Take care and lots of love. Cas. 


  1. Bummer. That's really sad to hear. My question is, how did they know that they could come in that way undetected? Doesn't that sound like an inside job? Or somebody with easy access to 'soss the scene'? Is this at the Mater Dolorosa? Do take care and be safe.

  2. Not that the loss of property is ever acceptable I do find it humorous that the yelling of an old man made the burglars jump out of their skin and run.

    Most cretins of that ilk knowing what they are about to do are very nervous and on edge. Given a choice I'd rather have your encounter than one on with the street youth here.

    Stay well and free old man.