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Friday, July 22, 2016

July 23, 2016
     Well, so far things have gone like clockwork. A few minor adjustments. My overall experience was 1) being rejuvenate and energized by meeting with family and friends and catching up on our lives together. Some I haven’t seen for many years. 2) Everyone of them is somehow doing something to make our lives, planet, society better. (Soup kitchens, home gardens, helping autistic children, doing operations for free for crippled children, helping those who are down and out, unemployed, homeless, tutoring kids after school, designing programs for high school students that give them skills in manufacturing so that they can get jobs in those companies who have been helping with their tuition while they worked part time as apprentices, growing organic crops, taking youth to third world countries to give them an experience regarding the lives of the majority of people who are impoverished and struggling, teaching kids and others how to use computers and other modern things, running summer programs for youth, etc. etc. etc. Everyone is doing something to make a better society. I am impressed and encouraged to see this great spirit.
     I have been saddened by the tone of the Republican convention. It was, I felt, too negative, and personal in the sense of being sometimes vicious in remarks about some of the people involved in the political process. It could have been better to try to emphasize some positive things. Also, I really don’t think that Trump is presidential material, for many reasons. But, we have similar problems in South Africa. There is far too much corruption, lack of transparency, and willingness to be violent. (Again, much like the States)
     The local elections will be, I believe, at the end of August. That will tell the story of what really counts and what is peripheral. The results will help us to understand what the future will be like.

    Among many other things, I saw my niece, Jenna, today and was impressed with her maturity. She will be here with us on Sunday. I will see her again on Sunday when we have a family gathering at my cousin’s house (John and Ruth Severyn). Everyone has been super kind, generous, and hospitable, with an open house policy if I wanted to bring someone along. I had better stop now. I will get something out again after a few days. Love and peace, as usual. Cas.

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  1. Good works are a result of having had good teachers Cas. Be well and travel safely between here and your home.

    I have thus far restrained myself from political discourse, preferring the oblique commentary. It is an ugly election cycle and may lead to an even more unbridled disgust over areas where people seem to refuse to even want to attempt amity,