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Friday, April 18, 2014


I can’t remember the last time I blogged but it is the morning of Good Friday and I am preparing the service and some thoughts for the Good Friday Service in Zulu. Hmmm! (In Zulu it is Black Friday). I think that everyone has a time in their life when everything looks black or bleak, hopeless, whatever. Jesus had his moment too. He had made up his mind to face it and deal with it and , in the end, things got turned around and here I am and here you are, survivors of whatever had pulled us down in what we thought was hopeless.
     I have been busy helping the people that God put in my way to find the right people to help them , whether it be doctors or mechanics or sources of help of one kind or another. I know a lot of people and can refer and even take those who need help to those people. I am blessed.
     A friend has been helping to get my vehicle in shape.  He fixed the thermometer that wasn’t working. He checked the cam belt to make sure that it was not going to break, which would be a disaster. He fixed th e turn signal so that it shuts off  by itself and tomorrow, Holy Saturday morning , he is going to clean off the inside of the headlamps which has become discolored so that it doesn’t let much light through.
     Yesterday, I found that I had a puncture (someone taped a note to the boot—trunk—to warn me. I pumped the tire up and went to the tire place only to find out it wasn’t a puncture, I needed a whole new tire. The wall of the tire was damaged and couldn’t be repaired .. That was R1000 and really eats into my budget.
     In the meantime, besides doing a lot of reading, I have been trimming the hedge and removing branches from the palm trees that are partly blocking the driveway and carting the stuff away so it gives me a chance to get some exercise.
     Next week I will be going to Mthatha by bus (about 500 km.) to bring back a vehicle to be used by our Superior General when he arrives at the end of the month. He is doing his canonical visitation, going from one member to the other in our province to hear their stories, good and bad. He will take about three weeks. In the meantime, I have been invited to Zimbabwe for about 10 days and will have a chance to visit friends in Harare and Bulawayo that I haven’t seen for about 10 yrs. including my home boy Fr. Andy Heier. It will be nice.
    When I get back , we will have a meeting with the whole province (of Mthatha)  and the general and plan the way forward.

     In the meantime, the Fr. Guy case is always on the back burner. When and how will it be solved—who knows.

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