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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dear Everyone,
    It is still Sunday, Dec. 15th, the day of Mandela's burial. There were ninety five candles behind the altar in remembrance of his 95 yrs. here on earth with us. I thought that it was especially meaningful because each of those candles represents the light that he brought into the lives of so many throughout the world. Even sitting here in my room, after having celebrated mass with a community of mostly children, I stretched out my hand as the coffin passed by and sais, hamba kahle, go well, Madiba. Everyone who had even the slightest connection with him, even just standing at the side of the road as he was whisked past, felt moved and touched by his spirit. Me too. I guess that it is clear, the rest is up to us. How can we, even is a very small way, make our world a better place for those who live here. One of the things that is so noticeable is that almost every picture of Mandela show him smiling, and we all know that he liked to smile. Drop a line when you get a chance. I don't go to facebook anymore because I just don't have time to spend as many do catching up on so many things there. If you want to contact me, here is my email:  Send me yours and I will answer. I promise. Love and Peace Fr. Cas

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