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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time is flying so fast. Long time, no blog. Holy Week and Easter came and went too quickly. I was out in the outstations, in the boonies, which was fine. The weather was terrible--rain and rain and rain, but we survived.
     Since then it is the usual, shopping in the early morning, stop to see the rent collector, visit the rental project to solve problems (water, electricity, sewage, anything). In between, cutting grass, maintenance, preparing for a conference of formators (those who are responsible for training our trainees for the community, brothers and priests) which will be next week (April 22 to 27). Planning the meals for 15 to 20 people for 6 days. Challenging. Helping out in the outstations on weekends, which I enjoy.
     I will share more when the pressure lets up a bit, but now I am running.
The last week of April I have a doctor's appointment in Durban to check my eyes. My right eye doesn't feel right somehow and I want to check it out. I have a wedding the next day in Pinetown (next to Mariannhill a few kms. from Durban). I will take the opportunity to do some odds and ends at Mariannhill and then back to the routiine again.
    I love you all and keep you always in my daily prayers, the loves of my life. Cas.

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