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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well, folks, I finally got my Christmas letter off. I left Chicago last Monday and have been busy ever since I got back to Detroit. A doctor's appointment (dermatologist--dry skin getting rough like sandpaper), getting ready to send books and lots of other things by post--very expensive.
     I still have the mixed feelings, of delight at having had the chance to spend considerable time with so many friends and family, and the thought of having to leave them, once again, with a gap, probably, of another 4 yrs. I will be 81, if I should live so long, before I come back again and then we shall see what I look and act like by that time.
    I have a long list of those I would like to touch just once more before I head for "home". Yes, home. They too are asking " when are you coming back???" I also miss them, my surrogate family, home away from home.
     Regarding the Christmas letter there were many that were returned because the email address was no longer valid or for some other reason. If you know of anyone who expected the " annual" and didn't get it, please share it with them.
    And, once again., when Jesus comes back to our world in 2012, he will find a world still full of  challenges, expecting us to use the gifts he gives us to try to meet at least some of those challenges. The world is certainly not the same this year, 2012, as is was last year, 2011, and neither are we. It is a new Christ coming to a different us. But bringing the same hope to our world as he brought to the world of his time, but not in the way his people expected (a saviour), and maybe we too, not the way we might expect. We have to do some discerning.
     But that is enough for now. I am tired and want to get to bed. Have a great day, evening, whatever Cas.

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